Concept work

A creative idea that pulls everything you want to communicate into one coherent piece. Roughly visualised, this is an exploration of the direction you can go in rather than a finished design.

Design development

Working up the concept into something that is functional and fit-for-purpose. The design has to accommodate real content and the format has to be practical and appropriate to the end user.

Production development

Determining the materials and processes involved in producing the final piece. For instance, we may consider paper stocks and print techniques or colour proofing and dummy fabrication.

Sourcing & collaboration

There may be circumstances where we need to work alongside third parties. I have some useful contacts in digital design, copywriting, paper supply, production and commercial print.


After sign off, design consistency is checked across the piece; colours, fonts, vector linework and images are prepped and final artwork files created according to the format requirements.

Print management

Colour proofing, press passing and overseeing any specialist outsourced processes. Worth considering if there are any unique or unusual techniques involved in producing the job.