D&AD Annual 2016

Design industry awards book

D&AD President Andy Sandoz wanted to use the 2016 Annual as a teaching manual for award winning creatives from different disciplines to feed their skills back into the industry that grew them.

Appointed designer Lucienne Roberts developed a graphic language taken from technical manuals and activity sheets to reinforce the theme of instruction and learning. Special colour overprints, single colour sections and keyline diagrams were used throughout.

There was a particularly detailed level of image work involved in preparing the chapter openers. Each one had colour channels interchanged or removed to achieve a range of nonstandard print effects.
* all work displayed courtesy of D&AD

Materials & Features

  • Soft cover
  • Square spine
  • Fluorescent inks
  • Switched channels
  • 600 pages


  • In-house design
  • Layout
  • Print production
  • Artworking
  • Scheduling